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I took the SAT’s today! My only complaint was, why do they make you take the test at 7 in the morning! I think that could make for some faulty tests what with people being so tired in the morning. I know I was tired, at least. The only reason I got to take the SAT’s in 7th grade was because a couple of months ago, me and a bunch of my smarty-pants friends from my advanced classes got a letter from the 7th Grade Duke Talent Search. It supposed to help you get into really good collegesĀ It was really cool and interesting. I definetly got a feel for the SAT’s. I don’t get my scores for a long while, like a couple more months.

The test was divided into 11 parts: 1 writing essay, 5 reading parts, and 5 math parts.

First was the writing essay. The topic was “Is it good to always trust people?” and I had to give my opinion on this statement. I wrote an expostitory essay about what would be the pros and cons of lending someone all of your money if you barely knew them. Pros: you would have helped someone out of maybe a rough patch. Cons: I could have gone on forever about the cons. What if the person never repays you? How well do you really know the person? Think twice before giving someone all of your money. Especially if you barely know them.

Next was the reading section. You know where you have to read those ginormous passages with those ginormous words and then answer the slightly challenging questons. It was pretty easy except that I kept running out of time.

Last was the math section. I LOVE math so this was the easiest. All of it was like 3rd grader stuff. a2 x ba= b2/c=EASY.

I didn’t get out of there until 1:30, 6 hours later! I told my mom that to congradulate me she needs to rent The Lion King, which I’ve wanted to see ever since my chorus performed the musical at the Pensacola Arts Festival.

Stargirl is about a girl who comes out of homeschool into high school. Everyone thinks she is strange until she gets on the cheerleading team and almost leads her basketball team to the championship. But, eventually the team lost and everyone blamed it on Stargirl. Everyone hated her for just being different except for Leo, who likes Stargirl but is torn between her and the rest of the school crowd. He must then choose whether to continue being Stargirl’s friend or be just like any of the other students at Mica High. Eventually, everyone ends up liking her although, she soon disappears and is never seen again. Her legacy still stands at Mica High to this day.

My favorite part of Stargirl was when she started singing Happy Birthday to people and their reactions. I thought the ending was so sad, Leo never even got to she her at the Ball! And then she just vanishes!

I liked this book so much, that I decided to start reading another one of Jerry Spinelli’s books: Eggs.

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