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Today from first into second period we took the yearly, dreaded, pointless, and made a much bigger deal than it actually is, FCAT Writing Essay Test. Since my homeroom (the band room) doesn’t have any desks, I had to go to, coincidentally, my language arts/writing teacher, Mrs. Lee’s room.

The prompt was “Your school is planning on removing all athletic programs. Explain in a persuasive essay why athletic programs should be kept or removed.” It wasn’t a very hard topic. The only problem was that I knew what I was talking about, it’s just that I wasn’t sure how to write it down in a seventh-grade FCAT-appropriate way.

The planning part was easy since I learned how to do a “T-Chart” which I’m probably sure everyone reading this has no idea what a “T-Chart” is. I think that tomorrow I’ll figure out a way to show it in a post. I was doing fantastically until I got to the end of the third paragraph and looked up at the clock to notice that I only had ten minutes left. Then, I started to absolutely flip out and in the end I only had literally one-and-a-half minutes to write my ending paragraph. It sounded terrible.

I was not expecting anything for Valentine’s Day this year. But, I still gave out nearly 100 Dum Dums Lollipops to everybody that I know. In return I got a card from my bestie, Gina, a hug from my band bud, Haley, a bracelet from my math buddy, the other Haley, ironically a Dum Dums pop from Tabitha, and a piece of gum from this guy in my science class named Jared. I don’t think I’ve ever talked to him before, but Valentine’s Day is the day that I like to talk to everyone, which I think I’ve exceded at very well.

Afterwards, I went to my Girl Scout troop’s Valentine’s Day party. I felt really bad though because I’d run out of lollipops at school so I didn’t have anything to give anybody in the exchange. Sharon’s mom made her world-famous brownies and gave those out. I tried to eat one this morning, but it was, of course, way too sweet. As part of my Valentine’s routine mentioned earlier, I actually learned all of the Daisey’s names. They’re so cute! Also, I met Naomi’s (she’s one of the Cadette’s with me) sister and she looks just like her! Mrs. Heather also made these really tasty egg rolls. The last thing we did was The Cha Cha dance because someone’s dad made this really cool cd that was playing throughout the party.

Tommorrow we will be filming our (hopefully) last scene!!! Today we filmed the part where me and Claire encounter Heavyn on the stairs on the 6th grade hallway. Heavyn gets taunted for being rich and Jordan comes in to save the day. What was really funny is that in order to make it seem like we were coming out of the hallway, me and Claire had to interrupt Mr. Lawson’s science experiment that was taking place at the end of the hallway like 10 times!  Everybody had also decided to switch up the script somewhat so it’s different than what I had explained in the first posts about it, but it still has the general idea.

Also it might all just go to bust because Lathan and Dionte can’t get out of their classes anymore so we might not be able to film with them, but we’ll probably figure something out…

Writing the Script: Act VI

Shortly after Girl Scouts, I went home with Vivian for the day. She was expecting Tabitha to come over at 3:30 for a sleepover. I would have stayed for the sleepover, but I already had plans for Sunday. From 2-3:30 she and I cleaned her house, which was alot more fun than I thought it would be, and screamed along to the music playing on the radio.

After we picked up Tabitha, we headed straight for the Cordova Mall. This is the itenerary of what we did, but I’m not sure if it’s in order:

1) We went to the awkwardest store in the whole mall, Hot Topic, to get our friend, Sasha, who is the awkwardest person I’ve ever met.

2) In Bed, Bath & Beyond we got kicked out because we were rolling on the floor laughing and playing really loud hide n’ seek in the curtain department.

3) The only reason we didn’t get kicked out of the World Market was because I actually purchased something before I realized that Sasha and Tabitha and Vivian were practically yelling across the store.

4) We all had Chinese food. I learned that Tabitha doesn’t like sushi. Also, we had ginormous pretzles.

5) At the Puppy Shop we were comparing the animals to people at our school.

6) In Bath & Body Works, Sasha was singing “I Am Not A W****” by LMFAO. She also did this in the parking lot for like 15 minutes straight.

That was pretty much it for my Saturday.

Saturday morning my Cadette Girl Scout troop met from 9-2 in order to discuss our Silver Award project. Me, Vivian, Sharon, Kaitlyn, Samantha, Naomi, and Ms. Lori all decided that we should perform a puppet show about the effects of bullying. I have to go to a Girl Scout meeting tonight to talk about it some more.

Also, we have a new Senior in our troop, Noxana. She is the first person I’ve ever met with epilepsy.

Also Also, we had taco salad for lunch and this cool lady came in to talk about what she did for her Silver Award project. We kind of stole her idea because afterwards, we decided that along with the puppet show we would also put on a fair-type event to help children.

Personally, I do not care for the New York Giants or the New England Patriots. But if I had to choose, I’d say the New York Giants. I’m still waiting for the New Orleans Saints to get back into the Superbowl.


  Me, Claire, Gina, Jordan, Heavyn, Lathan, and Dionte:

Future movie stars.

We started actually, ACTUALLY filming today. It took Mrs. Galloway 25 minutes to figure out how to use the camera and 15 to show Gina how to use it. Gina was filming today because she’s only in one scene but we did not get to that scene because class is only 50 minutes long! Also, this was Lathan and Dionte’s first time even looking at the script so that was complicated. Although we somehow managed to get to the third scene out of like 10 so that was pretty good.

Writing the Script: Act V

In my Band class, we happen to be doing the hardest song I’ve ever had to play on the clarinet for MPA’s! It’s called Wind Chimes. At first I thought that this probably would not turn out very good. Certainly not Superior-material for the biggest middle-school band in Escambia County.

But, I fixed all my errors after the thousandth time so I now have it down pat and I’m so happy!!!

Wind Chimes by John Kinyon

Lots of things have been happening lately in chorus.

1) We are going to the MPA’s!!!!!

2) We’ve got some new music:

2.1 Gloria Festiva

2.2 Ubi Caritas

3) Mrs. Horne will be singing (and playing on the piano) the Phantom of the Opera!!!!!!!!!!!

4) We are participating in the Dream Flags Ceremony!!! And we will be singing…

Seasons of Love (from RENT)!!!!!!!

I felt like being a photographer this morning so I photograhed my breakfast:

A steaming hot glass of Lipton tea

And some Froot Loops!

I decide that instead of making a bunch of little posts that I would accumculate my day into one medium-sized post:

1) Band: The 3rd clarinets got to move up to the front row and everyone was forced to play as loud as possible and it sounded like a madhouse.

2) Language Arts: Mrs. Lee had a back problem so we got Mrs. Zeiger as a substitute. We started reading Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. I remember reading this in Mrs. Mayo’s class in the 5th grade so me, Jordan, and Claire already know the story.

3) Science: All we did was take notes and afterwards, my hand felt like it was about to fall off!

4) Soar: I learned that there are actual sports pychologists.

5) Mrs. Galloway’s: Started on the 2nd draft of the script. PATS people were gone again, so it wasn’t much.

6) Math: We learned about discounts.

7) Chorus: The most exciting part of my day!

8) Civics/Geography: We took an opinion quiz and I learned that I’m a… STRONG LIBERAL/DEMOCRAT!!! GO OBAMA!!!!! But, I already knew this.

Other: My dad and I went through a bunch of old stuff from both of our childhoods. It was super cool! He also gave me a Carrabba’s pin which I love so much that I’ve been wanting to go there for my birthday ever since last summer!

Writing the Script: Act IV

We performed our Rumours skit for Mrs. Galloway to get her input. She said that quote,

“It needs to be less Days-of-Our-Lives-like. Less of a 90’s preppy girl showdown.”

Everyone burst into laughter because it was true! We were so excited since it was the first time we performed it all the way through with all of the cast members, we apparently decided that we should overexaggerate as much as possible!

Writing the Script: Act VI

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