I decide that instead of making a bunch of little posts that I would accumculate my day into one medium-sized post:

1) Band: The 3rd clarinets got to move up to the front row and everyone was forced to play as loud as possible and it sounded like a madhouse.

2) Language Arts: Mrs. Lee had a back problem so we got Mrs. Zeiger as a substitute. We started reading Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. I remember reading this in Mrs. Mayo’s class in the 5th grade so me, Jordan, and Claire already know the story.

3) Science: All we did was take notes and afterwards, my hand felt like it was about to fall off!

4) Soar: I learned that there are actual sports pychologists.

5) Mrs. Galloway’s: Started on the 2nd draft of the script. PATS people were gone again, so it wasn’t much.

6) Math: We learned about discounts.

7) Chorus: The most exciting part of my day!

8) Civics/Geography: We took an opinion quiz and I learned that I’m a… STRONG LIBERAL/DEMOCRAT!!! GO OBAMA!!!!! But, I already knew this.

Other: My dad and I went through a bunch of old stuff from both of our childhoods. It was super cool! He also gave me a Carrabba’s pin which I love so much that I’ve been wanting to go there for my birthday ever since last summer!