Shortly after Girl Scouts, I went home with Vivian for the day. She was expecting Tabitha to come over at 3:30 for a sleepover. I would have stayed for the sleepover, but I already had plans for Sunday. From 2-3:30 she and I cleaned her house, which was alot more fun than I thought it would be, and screamed along to the music playing on the radio.

After we picked up Tabitha, we headed straight for the Cordova Mall. This is the itenerary of what we did, but I’m not sure if it’s in order:

1) We went to the awkwardest store in the whole mall, Hot Topic, to get our friend, Sasha, who is the awkwardest person I’ve ever met.

2) In Bed, Bath & Beyond we got kicked out because we were rolling on the floor laughing and playing really loud hide n’ seek in the curtain department.

3) The only reason we didn’t get kicked out of the World Market was because I actually purchased something before I realized that Sasha and Tabitha and Vivian were practically yelling across the store.

4) We all had Chinese food. I learned that Tabitha doesn’t like sushi. Also, we had ginormous pretzles.

5) At the Puppy Shop we were comparing the animals to people at our school.

6) In Bath & Body Works, Sasha was singing “I Am Not A W****” by LMFAO. She also did this in the parking lot for like 15 minutes straight.

That was pretty much it for my Saturday.