Today from first into second period we took the yearly, dreaded, pointless, and made a much bigger deal than it actually is, FCAT Writing Essay Test. Since my homeroom (the band room) doesn’t have any desks, I had to go to, coincidentally, my language arts/writing teacher, Mrs. Lee’s room.

The prompt was “Your school is planning on removing all athletic programs. Explain in a persuasive essay why athletic programs should be kept or removed.” It wasn’t a very hard topic. The only problem was that I knew what I was talking about, it’s just that I wasn’t sure how to write it down in a seventh-grade FCAT-appropriate way.

The planning part was easy since I learned how to do a “T-Chart” which I’m probably sure everyone reading this has no idea what a “T-Chart” is. I think that tomorrow I’ll figure out a way to show it in a post. I was doing fantastically until I got to the end of the third paragraph and looked up at the clock to notice that I only had ten minutes left. Then, I started to absolutely flip out and in the end I only had literally one-and-a-half minutes to write my ending paragraph. It sounded terrible.