I have been playing the clarinet ever since May of 2010, the beginning of band camp to prepare me for sixth grade. I think of myself as a very professional clarinet player. The clarinet has been so easy to play I believe that I’m ready to step it up somewhat. I’m going to buy myself a saxophone.

Since my parents are still making the payments for my clarinet, it’s obvious that they wouldn’t be the first people I’d ask to buy me a saxophone. Especially considering the act that they cost $1,200 and up. So I’m going to earn those $1,200 and get myself one, under the radar, of course.

The only thing blocking my view of the golden saxophone of my dreams is my dad. He loves to steal my hard-earned money and spend it on his own fancies. I’ve tried to hide it in several different spots, but he always seems to get at it somehow. I remember the one time I was so excited that I had raised $50 all by myself. The next day I went to go relish in it, and it was all gone with a note that said, “I’ll pay you back-Daddy”. Wow, was I mad!

Now I, for one, have no idea how I’m going to get this money. For two, even if I do get the money, I’ll have no idea where to even begin stashing it!

If you look on the side I’ve put made my own widget on dollartimes.com that shows how much I have saved for a saxophone.

This is a really good store for musicians and also where I plan to purchase my first saxophone:


And for more details: