Boy, I’m so glad that I found out about this before it was too late! Gather up everybody that you know and tell them to sign the petition below that makes the FDA have to label genetically modified foods (GMO’s). This is an important step in the people of the United States health and I would strongly consider you to think about it. But, think fast because it’s only a short time before the deadine to send this to the government!

Eva Santiago


GOOD TO SIGN…MAKE THEM LABEL ‘GMO’ FOOD…..I hope you sign this !


PLEASE SHARE.  WE NEED TO HAVE GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOODS LABELED SO WE HAVE THE CHOICE TO BUY THEM OR NOT.  Monsanto doesn’t want them labeled because they know people do not want to eat GMO foods.  God only knows what they will put in them in the future.  Already many products use GMO products from Monsanto and the public has no idea they are eating this stuff.




This is a critical issue – is working on a major petition of historic proportions, asking the FDA to require labeling of GMO foods.  GMO’s are labeled in almost every other country that has them, and we have a right to know when our food is genetically modified.  The goal is one million signatures and they are only 12,500 awayfrom achieving it!  Will…

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