Wow! I seriously never would have thought that Mr. DiSilvio killed Mrs. Donaldson! This was the most suspenseful children’s book I’ve ever read! In most children’s mysteries you know who the criminal is by the fifth chapter. For the majority of the book, I thought that the killer was Silas because he was so angry at Mrs. Donaldson for not liking his and Violet’s relationship. Now, Silas was a truly terrifying character. I would be scared to go anywhere near someone who fits his description.

   A boy named Logan moves to Bealesville, Virginia and into the house where on old lady, Mrs. Donaldsopn was killed. He reluctantly meets his next-door neighbor, Arthur, and they start off on the chase to see if they can figure out who killed Mrs. Donaldson. They encounter lots of suspicious characters like Silas, Johnny, and the DiSilvios, and lots others. Also, the duo meet a very pretty woman, who is a reporter interrogating the new family in the Donaldson house, named Nina.