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Band: Now there are only three third row clarinets in my band class, ever since two of them got promoted to a bass and a contra alto clarinet. Today was our 2nd pass-off of the year, Crystal Moon. I had to play from measure 13 to 21. I passed with flying colors!

Language Arts: We read more of our new book, Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse. This might be one of the most miserable books I’ve ever read. First her mother dies and they get into this freak accident. It’s absolutely terrible! I have no idea why my teacher picked this book. Hopefully it has some resolve in the end.

Science: My class did an experiment with cacti and African Violets. We were comparing root systems and how they are adapted to the two plants’ environments.

Chorus: I learned what the emergency was about. Yesterday when I came into class Mrs. Horne said there was some sort of emergency concerning Mr. Horne and everyone was in a panic. Soon she was running out of the classroom and we ended up having Mrs. Domulot as our substitute teacher. Today I heard from a few people that he had a crazy nose bleed and had to go to the emergency room at the hospital. So for our sub today we had this guy with slick black hair.

Geography: We finished (well, most people finshed) our project today where you had to invent your own country. Mine was called Fruit Island and the capital city was named Kiwi.

Over the next ten days I will be writing a lot.

After postponing my Science Fair project for about 2 months, I finally started on it! I am so proud of myself! The downside is that I only have 3 weeks left to pull it all together. Thank God, though, that it’s only worth 2 test grades. I remember last year it was worth 5 tests. That was over half of our whole grade for that semester! Also, last year, if you didn’t do it, it meant that you couldn’t pass 6th grade science, which was pretty pathetic if you had my teacher, Mr. Lawson. He had the easiest science class ever!

Anyway, for my project this year I am comparing different methods of rooting orange trees. If you don’t know what rooting is, it’s when you take a clipping from a plant (e.g. a branch) and plant it in the ground or in a pot or something similar to that. Then after a while of taking care of the newly planted clipping, it should make a whole new plant. Or in my case, a whole new orange tree.

For plant one, I’m using the method where all you do is just plant the clipping in a pot, simple as that.

For plant two, my mommy and I went to the store and got this cool plant hormone powder that makes the roots grow better and faster. It’s called TakeRoot and my dad says that it works since he has a background in rooting plants.

My experiment is seeing which one grows better. Or, as my mom calls it, which one dies the fastest. She thinks that there is no way someone could grow a new plant from a tiny branch, and especially not me. My hypothesis is that the one with TakeRoot will grow better, but there’s the possibility that it might not. The powder could just be another $4 scam!

What I hate about this year’s Dream Flag poems is that my teacher, Mrs. Lee told us that our poems had to be 15 lines long! To me, I think that is very long. But, that might be because I usually just write haikus. You know, they’re only 3 lines long. I did a haiku for last year’s poem in Mrs. Bauer’s class and it got the message across perfectly. Much better than any long, drony, poem that I could have written. I wanted to share my poem for this year with all you people out there, though. Please tell me what you think!

Dreams inspire us

to do things

we never thought we could

A little voice

inside our heads

saying that we should


what we’ve always wanted to


ourselves, open and free


our opinions loud and strong


what we’ve worked for all along

Everything starts with a dream

Barbara Gordon started out as a very accomplished documentary producer at the beginning of the book. She had won many awards for her work and such like that. She saw a therapist and took medication regularly, just like thousands of other people in the world. The medication was for her anxiety attacks. She also had a boyfriend, Eric, and they loved each other passionately.

As the book moves along, though, Barbara becomes fed up with all of the pills and justs stops taking them; cold turkey and everything. This is where stuff starts to happen. She starts to experience these extreme withdrawal symptoms, worse than her anxiety. They get so bad that she is restricted from the outside world, stuck in her apartment. She is left with the man who she has always cared for, Eric, but, he has never really taken care of her.

With all of his new responsibilities like getting all of the groceries for Barbara and him, he starts to treat her like a defenseless child. This causes her to eventually start acting like a child, like her dependant side on him has magnified out of proportion. Eric starts to go pretty insane, stuck in the apartment caring constantly for this person. Soon he turns to abuse and anger. He ends up verbally and physically assaulting Barbara until one day she tricks him into calling one of her friends for help, Edie and her husband, Jonathan. They two help rescue her and get her to hospital. This is only the beginning of the novel.

She soon gets admitted to several hospitals and institutions, has to see at least a dozen psychiatrists, therapists and eventually, after about two years gets better.

This was a very emotional and heart-touching novel. I never thought that it would be so emotionally upheaving to try and get help for mental and psychological problems such as Barbara Gordon had to. Especially for her being such an accomplished and renounded person in the documentary and film business. She was like a movie star! This was the best nonfiction book I’m pretty sure I’ve ever read.

Over the past week, we have gotten two new pieces of music,

Crystal Moon and


   I really like Cyrstal Moon because it’s really fast and marching-band sounding. Processional, in case you haven’t heard the name, is the song they play at college or high school graduation. In our case, it will be for 8th grade graduation.

We also have at least three concerts coming up,

Dream Flags Ceremony–Our night performance is April 30th and our daytime one is May 1st. It’s a big deal at my school, so they have it twice.

8th Grade Graduation–The name says all that I know about it.

A Spring Concert?–I’ve only heard rumours about some sort of “Spring Concert”.

Finally, one of my 3rd clarinet buddies has earned the honor of being able to play a bass clarinet! It’s so cool!

This picture is not working...

  I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! I have another one of Sharon Creech’s book’s “Walk Two Moons” and I’m definetly going to look forward to reading it. That and “Hate That Cat”. I love the poetry in this book. It’s one of my favorite books ever!

Love That Dog is about a boy named Jack who’s teacher, Mrs. Strechberry, makes him start like a poetry journal. This book is composed of the poems Jack wrote about what he was going through and his thoughts at the time. One of the main focus points in the book is that his dog, Sky, dies in a car accident. It is very sad and emotional, what Jack writes about Sky. Another little point later in the book, is how much he wants his favorite author, Walter Dean Myers, to come and read some poems at his school.

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