Barbara Gordon started out as a very accomplished documentary producer at the beginning of the book. She had won many awards for her work and such like that. She saw a therapist and took medication regularly, just like thousands of other people in the world. The medication was for her anxiety attacks. She also had a boyfriend, Eric, and they loved each other passionately.

As the book moves along, though, Barbara becomes fed up with all of the pills and justs stops taking them; cold turkey and everything. This is where stuff starts to happen. She starts to experience these extreme withdrawal symptoms, worse than her anxiety. They get so bad that she is restricted from the outside world, stuck in her apartment. She is left with the man who she has always cared for, Eric, but, he has never really taken care of her.

With all of his new responsibilities like getting all of the groceries for Barbara and him, he starts to treat her like a defenseless child. This causes her to eventually start acting like a child, like her dependant side on him has magnified out of proportion. Eric starts to go pretty insane, stuck in the apartment caring constantly for this person. Soon he turns to abuse and anger. He ends up verbally and physically assaulting Barbara until one day she tricks him into calling one of her friends for help, Edie and her husband, Jonathan. They two help rescue her and get her to hospital. This is only the beginning of the novel.

She soon gets admitted to several hospitals and institutions, has to see at least a dozen psychiatrists, therapists and eventually, after about two years gets better.

This was a very emotional and heart-touching novel. I never thought that it would be so emotionally upheaving to try and get help for mental and psychological problems such as Barbara Gordon had to. Especially for her being such an accomplished and renounded person in the documentary and film business. She was like a movie star! This was the best nonfiction book I’m pretty sure I’ve ever read.