Yesterday, I participated in my first 5k! It was so active and physical! It was for the American Heart Association, one of my favorite foundations ever because of all the good they do. The Heart Walk 5k was located at the University of West Florida, which has a huge campus and is just perfect for walking around. When I got there, there were a few hundred people, if not a thousand, all ready to get to the finish line first. It wasn’t technically a “race”, but it still felt like one to some people like me. But, for the walkers like my mom, though, they were probably thinking about what it would have been like to sleep in. The walk started at 8:30, so that was totally normal for me to be up and about by then, but my mom almost chickened out since she thought it was too early. That was until I forced her from her bed and into the kitchen for some verycoffee to wake her up. The walk itself was free but, people were encouraged to make donations so, me and my mom made one for $25.

I can not believe how perfect the weather was for this. All this past week, the temperature has been in the 80’s but, it was like the sky knew there was going to be a walk so it got down into the low 70’s. Love-ly! Also, there was a 0% chance of rain so it was nice and sunny, too. The walk was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I didn’t even get tired or sweaty or anything! It was like a walk in the park! We finished the race kind of near the end, but not too bad. We really started sprinting at the end though because if we hadn’t then the end result would have been quite sad…no offense to the turtles.

When everybody was done with the end of the race, they had little booths set up where like, you could sign up to be a volunteer for other events and buy T-shirts. I going to think about being a volunteer because it sounds like it could be really fun and something for the community. There was also a booth where people were handing out Subway sandwiches so to finish off our race, me and my mom had a picnic and we got to say hi to some of our friends who were also doing the Walk. It was a really fun experience.

Next time there’s a race, I’m going to be running the whole time and I’m going to be one of the first people at the end of it. Also, I’m going to try to join a team of some sort because 90% of the people in the 5k had these team t-shirts on and I think it sounds cool. I’m thinking of starting my own team for my middle school and I bet I could get a few people to join it. The next walk I’m doing is the 27th and that one’s for Breast Cancer. I can’t wait for that!