Ugh! Winter break is not turning out the way I thought it would. It’s way too cold and humid in Florida. All this week and last it has either been raining or too cold and windy to do anything. I even tried to go to the park yesterday. But by the time I got there my fingers were so numb I thought they would fall off!
I did go to New Orleans last Friday just for one night and guess what? It was the same there, too! Except it was worse in New Orleans because my parents couldn’t agree on where to go.
Like always.
It was still super fun just wandering around, looking at things and places and people. :Especially Uptown. Oooh! It’s sooo lovely and beautiful and nice there! I would love to live in one of those big houses when I grow up.
Maybe for the next couple of days the weather will magically get better before I go back for the (drum roll, please)…
Second half of the school year!