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Is anyone more excited than me about the new season of The Walking Dead?!? I didn’t think so!

How often do you really see an apocalypse show that lasts more than 6 episodes? I don’t think I’ve ever seen one as good as this. I was so mad when Dale died at the end of the last season. He was my favorite character! I always thought he was the most rational out of the entire group. Now, the best character is defintiely Carl, the little boy. Great child actor! And when Shane died, I thought, how are they even going to make another season? They just killed one of the main characters! I’m in the middle of watching the marathon right now, so I decided to share my anticipation with you. The new season starts tonight at 9/8central on AMC (Ha! You Dish-networkers!).

Last night, I was relaxing for the first day of Spring Break, surfing television channels, when I came across a very intriguing show; My Extreme Affliction. They were showing video of a woman jolting around as she walked, dystonia I think they called it, and I found it…questioning? I wasn’t sure what to call it. Afterwards, they continued talking about these very real diseases that I had never heard of, (with the exception of Tourette’s). I ended up learning more during those two hours than I ever thought I would over an entire month!

This will be on my to watch list for Saturday’s. I’d highly reccomend it to people who like learning about things that you probably would never hear about on an average day. My Extreme Affliction also seemed like a great topic of discussion for school because I have many friends who like that sort of stuff, sort of creepy and scary with a interesting side.

My Extreme Affliction comes on the ABC channel on Saturdays at 7 p.m. (8 p.m. Central time).

For some reason, I couldn’t really find that many websites about this show, so I thought that this article from it would be an interesting reference if you think that you might want to watch this show:


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