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Yay! Today everyone in my school’s county took the FCAT Writing Test. I love how they always make the Writing Test the first one you have to take in the FCAT series. To me, it’s always the hardest, most stressful and difficult test you have to take all year. It was especially stressful this year beacause the grade I get on this year’s test is what determines whether I have Advanced or Remedial English classes next year. I would hate hate hate to have double-block anything in high school because I wouldn’t even know what electives I’d be kicked out of like Jazz Band or Spanish, which I really want to take.

I think I actually did really good this year though. Mainly because the topic was exactly thesame as last year’s, which I thought was quite odd. The prompt was you had to convince a famous person to come visit your city. It had to be a persuasive essay, which I’m pretty good with. The planning only took, like, 10 minutes to do and then I had an easy-breezy 50 minutes to write the most perfect essay of all time! But, I, of course, still finished right on the dot with only literally 2 minutes to spare. Just enough to check over everything. I think I made a 4.5 or a 5 (the highest is a 6).

The absolute best part of the test, though, was not having to go to History or Band class because the test was during the first 2 periods of school!



Today from first into second period we took the yearly, dreaded, pointless, and made a much bigger deal than it actually is, FCAT Writing Essay Test. Since my homeroom (the band room) doesn’t have any desks, I had to go to, coincidentally, my language arts/writing teacher, Mrs. Lee’s room.

The prompt was “Your school is planning on removing all athletic programs. Explain in a persuasive essay why athletic programs should be kept or removed.” It wasn’t a very hard topic. The only problem was that I knew what I was talking about, it’s just that I wasn’t sure how to write it down in a seventh-grade FCAT-appropriate way.

The planning part was easy since I learned how to do a “T-Chart” which I’m probably sure everyone reading this¬†has no idea what a “T-Chart” is. I think that tomorrow I’ll figure out a way to show it in a post. I was doing fantastically until I got to the end of the third paragraph and looked up at the clock to notice that I only had ten minutes left. Then, I started to absolutely flip out and in the end I only had literally¬†one-and-a-half minutes to write my ending paragraph. It sounded terrible.

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