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Yesterday morning, my mom and I got up bright and early in the cool, 62 degrees morning to finally plant our plants that had been sitting in those Lowe’s plastic bags for the past two weeks. Thank goodness they didn’t die! We have an assortment of green, red, and orange bell peppers, aloe vera plants, dill, cilantro, basil, lots of pink and purple and orange flowers, strawberries, tomatoes, red hot chile peppers that I picked out myself because nobody else wanted them, and chamomile that I planted from seeds. It was so fun and relaxing. Too bad I didn’t have a tree to plant for Earth Day, but I think I did good enough!

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Who knew aloe vera plants spread like wildfire?! We started out with one and now we have about 8!



These were planted in a special strawberry pot with holes in the sides of it. But the first time I picked up the pot, full of dirt, by the holes, the top broke off from the bottom! Lesson learned.



You can make your own tea out of this!

My Backyard Patio

My Backyard Patio

The destination for most our flowers and other pretty plants.

A Dill Plant

It’s So Yummy!!!

Huzzah! The fruits of labor have finally been brought down to me from the Heavens!

A couple of weeks ago, I started growing a dill plant straight from the seed! I almost never start from a seed, and when I do, it usually doesn’t work. I’m so excited! I have a bunch of other seeds for different plants that I’m going to start to grow this afternoon. They’re easy things like other spices, microgreens, strawberries, and of course flooooooooowers! Starting a garden really makes it feel like Spring!

I was exploring my front yard when I saw a lovely sight. New buds on the Crape Myrtle in my front yard.

Crape Mrytle Buds, they're greenish-pinkish

Crape Myrtle Buds

After postponing my Science Fair project for about 2 months, I finally started on it! I am so proud of myself! The downside is that I only have 3 weeks left to pull it all together. Thank God, though, that it’s only worth 2 test grades. I remember last year it was worth 5 tests. That was over half of our whole grade for that semester! Also, last year, if you didn’t do it, it meant that you couldn’t pass 6th grade science, which was pretty pathetic if you had my teacher, Mr. Lawson. He had the easiest science class ever!

Anyway, for my project this year I am comparing different methods of rooting orange trees. If you don’t know what rooting is, it’s when you take a clipping from a plant (e.g. a branch) and plant it in the ground or in a pot or something similar to that. Then after a while of taking care of the newly planted clipping, it should make a whole new plant. Or in my case, a whole new orange tree.

For plant one, I’m using the method where all you do is just plant the clipping in a pot, simple as that.

For plant two, my mommy and I went to the store and got this cool plant hormone powder that makes the roots grow better and faster. It’s called TakeRoot and my dad says that it works since he has a background in rooting plants.

My experiment is seeing which one grows better. Or, as my mom calls it, which one dies the fastest. She thinks that there is no way someone could grow a new plant from a tiny branch, and especially not me. My hypothesis is that the one with TakeRoot will grow better, but there’s the possibility that it might not. The powder could just be another $4 scam!

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